Maple Ridge Golf Community
Columbus, Georgia

Maple Ridge is a golf, tennis, and swimming community located in the northern section of Columbus, Georgia. The 565 homes located there are situated on fairways and greens of a 18-hole golf course. The community also features lakes, walking trails, and planned passive park areas for the residents to enjoy!

                                            For Your Information : Annual Meeting - January 27 - 7:00 PM Maple Ridge Golf Clubhouse

  • By now you should have received your Annual Invoice from the Maple Ridge HOA. If you are interested in seeing how to set up an online payment, click here. Also, you can read the December newsletter from TSG by following the News link above. If you plan on mailing, be sure to use:
    Maple Ridge HOA
    P.O. Box 847
    Commerce, GA 30529
  • Interested in starting a neighborhood watch program in your section of Maple Ridge? Following is the link to see how this is done:( ).  It is much easier to start a neighborhood watch by section of the community, I.e. Brentwood, Ballantyne, Adelaide, etc.  This is a volunteer program and is only as effective as those who participate in it.  Even if you do not have an active watch program remember to report any suspicious activity to 911 and then inform the community through the community email:
  • There will be a Lake clean up party on Saturday February 7th at 10:00 AM. We will meet in the Big Rock Park parking lot where we will assign tasks. Please dress appropriately and where rubber boots if you have them. It will also be helpful if everyone brought a trash bag.

Maple Ridge Golf Course maintains a website to promote the business and pleasure of golf. Visit their website to learn more about the upcoming events, membership opportunities, and much more.

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