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Maple Ridge Board Members



Community Officers:

Susan McCollum - President

James Woodall - Treasurer

Ray Waldheim - Covenants & Compliance

Michael Longstreet - Covenants & Compliance

Glen Hendry - Architectual Control

Karen Higgins - Director

Lamar Hemmings - Security

DeLaney Johnson/Bill Johnson serve as the contact points for the Management Company servicing Maple Ridge. TSG provides many of the "day-to-day" services for the residents of Maple Ridge like notifying us where to get pool keys, answering questions about security, maintenance, complaints, environmental, etc. Think of TSG as your first contact for information about routine issues. They may be contacted in several ways:

Total Service Group, LLC (TSG)
706-653-9630 phone
706-653-9633 fax
Sign up for Cinc or visit their website

Comments (positive/negative) about the website should be sent to Jim Hutcheson, who has been asked by the Board to build and maintain this site.