Wildlife in Brentwood

Captures of some of the wonderful creatures found on our street. Note, if you have a different picture captured in Brentwood, plase send it along to be added to those here. I am particular interested in a deer or fox picture if someone happened to have some.

Pair of Ducks

Making their way to the lake

Family grazing with 'casper' keeping an eye out

Hawk in tree

"Mama" possom and family of 6

Stopped to rest!

Still resting!

Water Snake in road


Squirrel enjoying an acorn


Wading bird looking for breakfast!


Spotted a minnow!


High leg kick

This one enjoyed a free ride to the bank!

Mockingbird sings his heart out most mornings

A beaver swims to the bank...


...He climbs out to dry off...

...and looks back to see who's watching!


Pretty, but wish there wasn't so much 'poop'!!!