View pictures of the wildlife in Brentwood

Brentwood is a small neighborhood of 22 one, two, or three-unit condominiums located on a private drive with natural landscape separating each of the dwellings. The drive offers a wonderful view of two lakes and a golfing fairways and greens. Large, beautiful trees offer the residents of the community wonderful views as well as serve the animal community with refuge. Hopefully we will be able to add a good picture of our resident hawk soon!

(Important documents for Brentwood residents are found at the bottom of this page)



The Brentwood community has its own board of directors to provide leadership to our neighborhood in Maple Ridge.

Marv Lieberman - President

Dudley Murphy

Mike Dillon

Brenda Evans

Joe Feliciano

Download Brentwood Declaration and Bylaws

Amendments (PDF) | FAQ (Word)| Rules Communication (Word)

ACC Approval Form (Word)