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Items of Interest to the Maple Ridge Community

  • A comment about fees: Interested in paying your Maple Ridge fees online? Its easy and convenient too!
    Follow this link to pay bills.(Directions for signing up for Cinc are found in the Documents Section.)

  • Neighborhood Watch: Interested in starting a neighborhood watch program in your section of Maple Ridge? Following is the link to see how this is done ( ).  It is much easier to start a neighborhood watch by section of the community, I.e. Brentwood, Ballantyne, Adelaide, etc.  This is a volunteer program and is only as effective as those who participate in it.  Even if you do not have an active watch program remember to report any suspicious activity to 911 and then inform the community through the community email:
  • Reminder: If you park your car in your driveway, please be sure to lock it. Watch for any strangers in the neighborhood.  If you are suspicious of a person or situation, follow these steps:
    • Have a description of the car or person.
    • Get a tag number or take a picture of the car/tag.

  • The gates at the Pavilion and Big Rock Pools use the new self locking system.   If you need a key, you can pick up a key at the TSG Management Office, 4745 Armour Road, 706-653-9630.  Please make sure you are current on your homeowners association dues to receive a key.